March 2023 Prayer Calender

Salah, meaning 'prayer' or 'supplication', is also known as Namaz among non-Arab Muslims. Salah is one of the five pillars of Islam, which form the core beliefs and practices of the religion.

DateHijri DateFajrMorningDhuhrAsrMaghribIsha
Date:Wednesday 1st March, 2023Hijri Date:9 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:25 AMMorning:06:38 AMDhuhr:12:34 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:24 PMIsha:07:38 PM
Date:Thursday 2nd March, 2023Hijri Date:10 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:24 AMMorning:06:37 AMDhuhr:12:34 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:25 PMIsha:07:38 PM
Date:Friday 3rd March, 2023Hijri Date:11 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:23 AMMorning:06:36 AMDhuhr:12:34 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:25 PMIsha:07:39 PM
Date:Saturday 4th March, 2023Hijri Date:12 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:22 AMMorning:06:35 AMDhuhr:12:33 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:26 PMIsha:07:39 PM
Date:Sunday 5th March, 2023Hijri Date:13 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:21 AMMorning:06:34 AMDhuhr:12:33 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:26 PMIsha:07:40 PM
Date:Monday 6th March, 2023Hijri Date:14 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:20 AMMorning:06:34 AMDhuhr:12:33 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:27 PMIsha:07:40 PM
Date:Tuesday 7th March, 2023Hijri Date:15 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:19 AMMorning:06:33 AMDhuhr:12:33 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:27 PMIsha:07:41 PM
Date:Wednesday 8th March, 2023Hijri Date:16 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:18 AMMorning:06:32 AMDhuhr:12:32 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:28 PMIsha:07:41 PM
Date:Thursday 9th March, 2023Hijri Date:17 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:17 AMMorning:06:31 AMDhuhr:12:32 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:28 PMIsha:07:42 PM
Date:Friday 10th March, 2023Hijri Date:18 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:16 AMMorning:06:30 AMDhuhr:12:32 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:29 PMIsha:07:42 PM
Date:Saturday 11th March, 2023Hijri Date:19 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:15 AMMorning:06:29 AMDhuhr:12:32 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:29 PMIsha:07:43 PM
Date:Sunday 12th March, 2023Hijri Date:20 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:14 AMMorning:06:28 AMDhuhr:12:31 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:30 PMIsha:07:43 PM
Date:Monday 13th March, 2023Hijri Date:21 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:13 AMMorning:06:27 AMDhuhr:12:31 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:30 PMIsha:07:44 PM
Date:Tuesday 14th March, 2023Hijri Date:22 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:12 AMMorning:06:26 AMDhuhr:12:31 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:31 PMIsha:07:44 PM
Date:Wednesday 15th March, 2023Hijri Date:23 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:11 AMMorning:06:25 AMDhuhr:12:31 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:31 PMIsha:07:45 PM
Date:Thursday 16th March, 2023Hijri Date:24 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:10 AMMorning:06:24 AMDhuhr:12:30 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:31 PMIsha:07:45 PM
Date:Friday 17th March, 2023Hijri Date:25 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:09 AMMorning:06:23 AMDhuhr:12:30 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:32 PMIsha:07:46 PM
Date:Saturday 18th March, 2023Hijri Date:26 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:08 AMMorning:06:21 AMDhuhr:12:30 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:32 PMIsha:07:46 PM
Date:Sunday 19th March, 2023Hijri Date:27 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:07 AMMorning:06:20 AMDhuhr:12:29 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:33 PMIsha:07:47 PM
Date:Monday 20th March, 2023Hijri Date:28 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:06 AMMorning:06:19 AMDhuhr:12:29 PMAsr:03:54 PMMaghrib:06:33 PMIsha:07:47 PM
Date:Tuesday 21st March, 2023Hijri Date:29 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:05 AMMorning:06:18 AMDhuhr:12:29 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:34 PMIsha:07:48 PM
Date:Wednesday 22nd March, 2023Hijri Date:30 Sha'ban, 1444Fajr:05:04 AMMorning:06:17 AMDhuhr:12:29 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:34 PMIsha:07:48 PM
Date:Thursday 23rd March, 2023Hijri Date:1 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:05:02 AMMorning:06:16 AMDhuhr:12:28 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:35 PMIsha:07:49 PM
Date:Friday 24th March, 2023Hijri Date:2 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:05:01 AMMorning:06:15 AMDhuhr:12:28 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:35 PMIsha:07:49 PM
Date:Saturday 25th March, 2023Hijri Date:3 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:05:00 AMMorning:06:14 AMDhuhr:12:28 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:35 PMIsha:07:50 PM
Date:Sunday 26th March, 2023Hijri Date:4 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:04:59 AMMorning:06:13 AMDhuhr:12:27 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:36 PMIsha:07:50 PM
Date:Monday 27th March, 2023Hijri Date:5 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:04:58 AMMorning:06:12 AMDhuhr:12:27 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:36 PMIsha:07:51 PM
Date:Tuesday 28th March, 2023Hijri Date:6 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:04:57 AMMorning:06:11 AMDhuhr:12:27 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:37 PMIsha:07:51 PM
Date:Wednesday 29th March, 2023Hijri Date:7 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:04:56 AMMorning:06:10 AMDhuhr:12:26 PMAsr:03:53 PMMaghrib:06:37 PMIsha:07:52 PM
Date:Thursday 30th March, 2023Hijri Date:8 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:04:55 AMMorning:06:09 AMDhuhr:12:26 PMAsr:03:52 PMMaghrib:06:38 PMIsha:07:52 PM
Date:Friday 31st March, 2023Hijri Date:9 Ramadan, 1444Fajr:04:54 AMMorning:06:08 AMDhuhr:12:26 PMAsr:03:52 PMMaghrib:06:38 PMIsha:07:53 PM